Synthesis Emission Spectra of (LIPS) Technique for Cu, Ag Nanoparticles and their Antibacterial Activity


  • Hadeel K. Nasif Department of Physics College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad - Iraq
  • Baida M. Ahmed Department of Physics College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad - Iraq
  • Kadhim A. Aadim Department of Physics College of Science, baghdad University, Baghdad - Iraq



Spectroscopy, LIBS, PLAL, plasma parameters, Silver, Copper


A spectroscope presents the optical emission spectroscopy (OES) technique on laser-produced copper and silver plasmas. The optical emission spectrum technique was used to analyzes the spectrum arising from the Cu, Ag Laser Nd: YAG plasmas with a wavelength of (1064) nm, a span of (10) ns, and a focal length of (10) cm in the energy range (300-800) mJ. The electron temperature (Te) was determined while the Saha-Boltzmann equation was used to measure the electron density (ne). Other plasma parameters, (λD), (fp), (ND), were also measured. For various energies, the plasma spectrum was registered copper and silver. Q-switched Nd: YAG liquid laser ablation technique (PLAL) was used to produce nanoparticles (NPs), silver, and copper particles using distilled water at room temperature at different energies (300-600-800) mJ. With a constant wavelength (1064nm). At a constant frequency (6Hz), 300 laser pulses were used to ablate the target placed in distilled water to study the effect of these materials in inhibiting bacteria. Bacteria were used (Staphylococcus). This study showed that (Ag-NPs) and (Cu-NPs) that are synthesized by laser ablation have a great effect on Staphylococcus (antibiotic-resistant) bacteria.


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