Different Mathematical Spectrophotometric Methods for Determination of Ampyrone in Presence of Its Acid Degradation Product





Area under curve, Ampyrone, simultaneous equation, modified simultaneous equation, Acidic product.


Three simple spectrophotometric methods namely; area under the curve, simultaneous equation method, and modified simultaneous equation method was developed and validated for the determination of Ampyrone with the presence of its acidic product using zero-order spectra without prior separation techniques. The linearity was found in the range of (10-50 mg/L) and (10-55 mg/L) for Ampyrone and its acidic product, respectively. The recovery percentage was found to be in the range from 99.6 to 100.65 for the area under curve method and 96.64 to 104.8 for the simultaneous equation method and its modified version which showed good accuracy and precision for three proposed methods.


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