Study effected Graphene Oxide (GO) on dielectric and conductivity in binary system Liquid Crystals.


  • Osamah Adnan Salman Ministry of Education / Alkarh2



Keyword, Liquid Crystals, Graphene Oxide, Dielectric constant, conductivity, nanoparticle.


Abstract: prepared of compound (A) 4.4ʹ-bis-[4-methayl benzyliden]-phenylendiamine-(1,4). and (B) 4.4ʹ-bis-[4-bromo benzyliden]- phenylendiamine-(1,4). Then a binary system D was created with concentration (0-100%) and found less eutectic point at concentration (60%). This was taken concentration from binary system pure D and measurements of a microscopy polarized and permittivity and conductivity. After taking a mixture pure and has been doping by graphene oxide (GO) too the same measurements observed the increase remarkable properties of graphene oxide (GO) in LC mixtures dispersions.


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  • Osamah Adnan Salman, Ministry of Education / Alkarh2



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