Seasonal Variation of SST in Mediterranean Sea


  • Monim H. Khalaf Department of Atmospheric Science, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University.



Sea surface temperature, Mediterranean sea abstract, Variation. space


The study of sea surface temperature (SST) is fairly essential for solving many meteorological and oceanographic problem and climate system of the earth. The aim of this study is to explore the variation of SST of Mediterranean Sea during the period (1980-2009) by using statistical analysis technique such as time series and trend. The data obtained from the Europe center (ECMWF) and the resolution of the grid of the variable is 0.5°*0.5° and selects three locations (points) in the Mediterranean Sea. The seasonal variation of SST has the highest value of trend in summer season (0.06) for the points I, II, III, while the lowest value in the transition season, i.e. in spring (0.01) for point I and III and in Autumn (0.04) for point III.


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