Numerical Simulation of The Spectroscopic Properties of The Laser Dye for Low Concentrations


  • Hala Fakher Dagher Department of Physics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, IRAQ.



Laser dye, low concentrations, molecular physics


In the current study, a mathematical model using the MATLAB program was studied depending on the logistic power peak function to simulate the change in the absorbance with the different values of the concentrations of Rhodamine B. There are five parameters that have been applied to the concentration values of this laser dye that are proposed by the logistic power peak function of the seventh degree. To measure the absorption measurements, a range of concentrations from 4.7x10-7 to 3.76x10-6 M was prepared from Rhodamine B and dissolved in deionized water with a peak absorption at 556 nm. A JASCO V-630 spectrophotometer was used to record the spectra of the dye. The intensity is detected using a silicon photodiode (S1337). The results were found that the suggested function approved the relationship between the absorbance and the values of the concentrations with a significant accuracy depending on the high values of the correlation coefficients between the approximated original data which were determined more than 99.2%. The advantages of this function represent by providing parameters, which are used to describe the mathematical processes with high-resolution property profiles.


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H. F. Dagher, “Numerical Simulation of The Spectroscopic Properties of The Laser Dye for Low Concentrations”, Al-Mustansiriyah J. Sci., vol. 33, no. 4, pp. 100–104, Dec. 2022, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v33i4.1158.

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