Future Effects and Impacts of Biometrics Integrations on Everyday Living


  • Amjed A. Ahmed Department of Physics, Imam Kadhum College (IKC)




biometrics, fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, iris, retina, identification, authentication, verification


Identification and access have been a concept that has evolved over time as the need to constantly identify people and grant them access to sensitive and classified data and information became very important. The effect is felt in most organizations, especially multinational companies that deal in highly classified research that has to do with pharmaceuticals, technology, power as well as the human biology coupled with security. The most common form of implementation of biometrics is facial recognition, fingerprints, iris recognition, a retina scanner, and voice recognition into so many applications and scenarios. The integration of this biometrics has had a rising effect and impact of everyday life and has practically changed some daily routines. This paper will examine future integrations of biometrics and it will in time affect everyday life and routine.


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