Preparation and Characterization of TiO2 Nanostructure by TiCl4 Hydrolysis with Additive NaOH


  • Rashed Taleb Rasheed Rashed Taleb Rasheed Department of Applied Sciences, Chemistry Division, University of Technology, IRAQ



TiO2 nanostructures, TiCl4, hydrolysis.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanostructures were synthesized via the hydrolysis of TiCl4 in alcohol / water solution/with sodium hydroxide solution in the ice-bath (0-5 ◦C). The particles were char-acterized by using X-ray diffraction technique (XRD), spectroscopy of Ultra Violet-Visible (UV / Visible) and infrared (FT-IR), atomic force microscope (AFM) and scanning electron micro-scope (SEM) analysis were used in order to gain information about the material, morphology, size and the shape of the particles


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