Evaluation the activity of Onion root exudate as promoter rooting for stem cuttings of Quisqualis indica.


  • ammal Abdelsalam abdelrahman




Quisqualis indica stem cuttings, onion root exudate, date fruit extract, yeast, IBA


The present study was carried out in the botanical garden \ department of biology \ college of science in ALmustansiriyah University, Baghdad. During autumn 2016 under natural environmental conditions in plastic house. The aim of this study was to evaluate the activity of Onion root exudate and date fruit (Al Khastawi cultivar) aqueous extracts and yeast as root promoters on stem cuttings of the difficult rooting Quisqualis indica shrub.. All extracts were used at different concentrations (2.5, 1.25 ) gm\ L ) , with semi hard wood cuttings for two dipping times (24, 48) hours. The results indicated that the highest concentrations and the longest dipping time gave the best results in promoting root formations. The onion root exudate gave the highest results in rooting percentage ,root numbers and root lengths compare to1000 mg\l IBA treatment and other treatments. The biochemical analysis indicated that the absence of IAA in Onion root exudate and date fruit extract.


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