The effect of N-yttrium oxide Y2 o3 on mungbean (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.) Seed germination and seedling growth under salinity levels


  • ammal Abdelsalam abdelrahman



The present study was carried out in the botanical garden / department of biology /college of science in ALmustansiriyah University, Baghdad. During winter 2017 under natural environmental conditions in plastic house. The aim of this study was to evaluate the activity of the N- Yttrium oxide application to reduce salt stress in 1 and 2 gm/ Lof NaCl on seed germination and seedling growth of mung been. The results reveal that N- Y2o3 gave the highest results in seed germinations and seedling growth trait (seedling lengths, shoot length, number of leaves, number of secondary roots and dry weight of seedling) of mung bean than gibberellin and aqueous extract of Liquors roots under 1 and 2 gm / L NaCl and has no significant different with control treatment.


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