Evaluation the Level of a-L-fucose and protein Bound Fucose (PBF) in diabetic patients


  • Lamia shaker College of Agriculture, BaghdadUniversity, Iraq.




L- Fucose, Diabetes type I &type II, Protein.


Biochemical changes occurring in two types of diabetic patients have been investigated to identify the correlations between these changes and type 1 and type 11 of diabetic patients, in comparison with that of normal healthy, sera of 68 diabetic patient with type 1 and type 11were used to estimate the L-fucose level and other related parameters. These parameters measured throughout this project are: TF, PBF, TP, TFYTP ratio and PBF\TP. As final approach, the author concluded that fucose level together with its related parameters could be a biochemical markers for early assessment of re­sponse to the therapy served.


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