On Some Results in Fuzzy Length Space


  • Raghad I. Sabri Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology
  • Mayada N. Mohammed Ali Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology




Fuzzy Length Space, Fuzzy point, Sequentially fuzzy compact fuzzy length space, Countably fuzzy compact fuzzy length space, Locally fuzzy compact fuzzy length space.


In this paper, depending on the notion of fuzzy length space we define the Cartesian product of two fuzzy length spaces. we proved that the Cartesian product of two fuzzy length spaces is a fuzzy length space. More accurately, the Cartesian product of two complete fuzzy length spaces is proved to be a complete fuzzy length space. Furthermore, the definitions of sequentially fuzzy compact fuzzy length space, countably fuzzy compact fuzzy length space, locally fuzzy compact fuzzy length space are introduced, and theorems related to them are proved.


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