Design and Simulation of Exhaust Pollution Monitoring Sensor Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber


  • Aseel I. Mahmood Laser and Electro-optic Research Center, Ministry of Science and Tecnology, IRAQ
  • Shehab A. Kadhim Laser and Electro-optic Research Center, Ministry of Science and Tecnology, IRAQ
  • Nadia F. Muhammad Laser and Electro-optic Research Center, Ministry of Science and Tecnology, IRAQ



Exhaust air pollution, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon oxides PCF sensors, FEM.


Many critical issues appear due to the exhaust gases from transportations facilities, electric generators, industries, and so on. This lead to air pollution, which could be define as an introduction of biological materials or chemicals that’s causes harm to all living organism including humans. Also damaging the environment of earth. The principal gases that cause air pollution from these sources are nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2 and N2O) and carbon oxides (CO and CO2). There is a need to develop sensors that are characterized by highly-sensitive and miniaturize that capable of real-time analyses detection; optical fiber sensors agree with these needs. In this work, Large Mode Area- Polarization Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber (LMA-PM-PCF) for exhaust gases monitoring have been proposed to detect air-polluted gases over a wide transmission band covering (1µm) to (2µm) wavelength. Different guiding properties had been studied for the infiltrated PCFs. According to simulated results, the high relative sensitivity is obtained for sample infiltrated with CO gas; The higher sensitivity makes this fiber a potential candidate to detect CO that is commonly known as silent killer.


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A. I. Mahmood, S. A. Kadhim, and N. F. Muhammad, “Design and Simulation of Exhaust Pollution Monitoring Sensor Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber”, Al-Mustansiriyah Journal of Science, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 1–6, Mar. 2019, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v29i3.615.

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