The Effects of Stress on the Vascular System for Different Ages in Rats


  • Mohanad A. Kassim Department of Biology, College of science, Mustansiriyah University



cardiovascular system, stress, maturation, hypertension, blood vessels.


The effects of stress in newborns were more severe than adults, The changes in the blood vessels and the heart of age-related and the result of stress are reflected on adaptation and resistance to the development of cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension. Therefore, experiments were conducted to study the changes developments on the heart and blood vessels under the influence of stress at the stages of maturity, used a laboratory rat model. The impact of each of the chronotropic and the stress on the blood vessels at the newborn rats were higher than adult animals, myocardial indolence and high blood pressure were observed at the old rats compared to adult animals as a result of the stress-responses.


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