Equilibrium and Kinetics Studies of Gentian Violet Dye Adsorption on to Activated Carbon Prepared From Aldhnan Hull


  • Khudhair A. Kareem Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Al-Rusafa Secondary Education




kinetics, equilibrium, Adsorption, Aldhnan hull.


The present study investigated the key parameters and mechanism affecting the removal of Gentian Violet(GV) dye from aqueous medium, using Activated Carbon(AC) produced from hull of Aldhnan. The AC characterized by FTIR spectra to indicate the surface Characteristic groups of adsorbent affect the adsorption. The pH at point of zero charge showed the anionic nature of adsorbent surface and by using batch mode, the study considering the typical condition for adsorption of GV dye by the AC such as; effect of initial dye concentration, pH and contact time. The adsorption kinetics and equilibrium constants was achieved at 305K and the Langmuir isotherm model fit for the equilibrium data better than Freundlich model. Kinetics of adsorption was studied by testing the data in the pseudo first order (Lagergren Equation) and pseudo second order model and the adsorption of GV dye onto AC obeyed pseudo second order model. Thermodynamic studies exhibit that the adsorption reaction is endothermic in nature and spontaneous.


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