Study the effect of α-TeO2 substitution on some properties Hg- system


  • shatha hashim mahdi Department of Physics / College of Education For Pure Science Ibn Al-Haitham / University of Baghdad



HgBa2-xTexCa2Cu3 O8  compound, brittleness, Ba–Te substitution


Specimens of HgBa2-xTexCa2Cu3 O8+ with x =0, 0.15, 0.3 and 0.45, were prepared by traditional method (SSR). The results showed enhancing structural and electrical (resistivity vs temperature) properties, where XRD analysis shows a tetragonal structure for all specimens and high ratio of Hg-1223 phase with an increase of the lattice parameter and Tc, except x=0.45, it shown semiconductor. The HgBa1.70Te0.30Ca2Cu3 O8+ specimen with x= 0.3 shows the highest (Tc=143K) than with Tc of the basic compound HgBa2Ca2Cu3 O8+ equal (135K), at increment of Te content. While mechanical properties have been weakened as consequence to increasing brittleness of HgBa2-xTexCa2Cu3 O8+ compounds at increment Te content.


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  • shatha hashim mahdi, Department of Physics / College of Education For Pure Science Ibn Al-Haitham / University of Baghdad


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