Enhancing Color Image Security: Encryption with Dynamic Chaotic Three-Dimensional System and Robust Security Analysis





Chaotic system, Image Encryption, Performance Evaluation, Key generation, Differential and Statistical attack


The rapid tech growth and widespread internet usage caused a surge in sharing multimedia (text, images, videos, audio) across public networks. Protecting this data is vital, demanding encryption to prevent unauthorized access. Image encryption distorts images for security. This paper highlights encryption's vital role in safeguarding multimedia, especially amid rising internet use and media exchange. It introduces a novel solution: a chaotic three-dimensional system for color image encryption. The study scrutinizes system traits using math software. It employs a new chaotic system to generate a crucial key sequence for pixel scrambling. Utilizing stream cipher encryption enhances security. Extensive security analysis tests its resilience against attacks like histogram and correlation techniques. Results are promising: a fairly uniform histogram, minimal correlation among pixels nearing zero, and entropy close to the ideal. Metrics like NPCR and UACI almost match ideal values, ensuring high security. Experiments confirm its effectiveness in encrypting diverse color images. The approach guarantees a uniform histogram, minimal pixel correlation nearing zero, entropy near the ideal value (8), and NPCR/UACI values close to ideals (99.61191% and 33.41068% respectively).


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Author Biographies

  • Zainab Hasan Thabit , Department of Computer Science, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, 10052 Baghdad, IRAQ.



  • Sadiq A. Mehdi , Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University, 10052 Baghdad, IRAQ.



  • Bashar M. Nema, Department of Computer Science, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, 10052 Baghdad, IRAQ.






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Z. H. Thabit, S. A. Mehdi, and B. M. Nema, “Enhancing Color Image Security: Encryption with Dynamic Chaotic Three-Dimensional System and Robust Security Analysis”, Al-Mustansiriyah J. Sci., vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 87–95, Dec. 2023, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v34i4.1411.

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