Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a Novel Six-Dimensional Hyper- Chaotic System


  • Sadiq A. Mehdi Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University
  • zaydon latif ali Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University



Due to the rapid evaluation in the field of communications and multimedia and the increasing use of the Internet, multimedia data security has become very urgent. of the best alternative way to achieve multimedia data security is encryption, which prevents unauthorized entities from accessing confidential data. In recent years, the chaotic system of image encryption becomes an efficient way to encrypt images due to its high security. It has certain special properties like sensitivity to initial conditions, and control parameters, pseudorandom, ergodicity, and non-convergence, etc. chaotic dynamics systems became a promising alternative to traditional encryption algorithms. In this paper, This paper presents a new algorithm for the image encryption/decryption scheme depended on a  novel six-dimensional hyper-chaotic system to achieve a high level of security, the chaotic sequence generated from system employ for permutation and diffusion the original image to create an encrypted image.  The performance of  the algorithm has been analyzed through analyzes statistical such  as  Histogram  Analysis,  Correlation  Coefficient  Analysis,  Information  Entropy Analysis, Key Space Analysis, Key Sensitivity Analysis, Number of Pixels Change Rate (NPCR), Unified Average Changing Intensity (UACI), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, The experimental results show that the algorithm has good encryption performance, large keyspace equals to  and the high sensitivity  for  small  changes  in  secret key  which makes  the  algorithm  immune  to Brute  force  attacks,  and  it  can  resist  the  statistical  attacks, therefore,  the presented  encryption  algorithm depends on a novel hyperchaotic system is more secure against the statistical and differential attacks.


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