Classification the Mammograms Based on Hybrid Features Extraction Techniques Using Multilayer Perceptron Classifier


  • Hayder Adnan AlSudani Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University.
  • Enaas M. Hussain Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University.
  • Enam A. Khalil Specialist Radiology Department-Oncology Teaching Hospital, Medical City Complex.



Keywords, Breast cancer, Digital Mammography, , A texture feature, Mutual Information (MI), Classification, MLP classifier.


Cancer of the breast is one of the world's most prevalent causes of death for women. Early and efficient identification is important for can care choices and reducing mortality. Mammography is the most effective early breast cancer detection process. Radiologists cannot however make a detailed and reliable assessment of mammograms due to fatigue or poor image quality. The main aim of this work is to establish a new approach to help radiologists identify anomalies and improve diagnostic precision. The proposed method has been applied through the implementation of preprocessing then segmentation of the images to get the region of interest that was used to find a texture features that were calculated based on first Order (statistical features), Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM), and Local Binary Patterns LBP (LBP). In the features selection phase mutual information (MI) algorithm is applied to choose from the extracted features collection suitable features. Finally, Multilayer Perceptron has been applied in two stages to classify the mammography images first to normal or abnormal, and secondly, classification of abnormal images into benign or malignant images. This method was implemented and gave an accuracy of 92.91 % for the first level and 93.15% for the second level classification.


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H. A. AlSudani, E. M. Hussain, and E. A. Khalil, “Classification the Mammograms Based on Hybrid Features Extraction Techniques Using Multilayer Perceptron Classifier”, Al-Mustansiriyah Journal of Science, vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 72–79, Dec. 2020, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v31i4.902.

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