Certain Subclasses of Meromorphic Univalent Function Involving Differential Operator


  • Teba Rzaij Al-Kubaisi Department of Mathematics, College of Education, University of Anbar.
  • AbdulRahman Salman Juma Department of Mathematics, College of Education, University of Anbar.




Meromorphic univalent function, differential operator, hadamard product, starlike function, convex function, Neighborhood


The main object of the present paper is to introduce the class of meromorphic univalent function K* (σ,τ,S) defined by differential operator with study some geometric properties like coefficient inequality , growth theorem and distortion theorem, radii of starlikeness and convexity of f(z) in the class K* (σ,τ,S) .Also the concept of convolution (Hadamard product) investigate and Neighborhoods of the elements of class K* (σ,τ,S) are obtained.


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T. R. Al-Kubaisi and A. S. Juma, “Certain Subclasses of Meromorphic Univalent Function Involving Differential Operator”, MJS, vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 80–86, Dec. 2020.