Influence of Doping on Optical Properties of (CdS:Fe+3)Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Spray pyrolysis


  • karrar mahdi saleh مدرس في متوسطة اشور للبنين / مديرية التربية الرصافة الاولى / وزارة التربية



CdS, Fe 3, CSP, Optical properties, doping.


In the present work, undoped CdS and doped with iron CdS:Fe+3 thin films have been prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis method on glass substrate with different temperature from cadmium nitrate solution with constant thickness(450 ± 5 nm), and study the effect of the percentage of doping with iron on optical properties of prepared films. The optical properties have been studied from transmittance and absorbance spectral within wavelengths range (380-900 nm). The results showed that all the prepared films has direct electronic transitions and optical energy gap between (2.31-2.44 eV). They also showed that the transmittance and optical energy gap of films prepared from nitrate solution increase with increasing of substrate temperature, then transmittance start downward with the continued increase in temperature (400, 450 oC), and a decrease in the optical energy gap with increasing doping percentage with iron.


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  • karrar mahdi saleh, مدرس في متوسطة اشور للبنين / مديرية التربية الرصافة الاولى / وزارة التربية
    MC.S , assistant teacher physics department


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