Synthesis and spectral studies of some metal complexes derived from 1,3,4-oxadiazole and Evaluated of biological activity


  • Taleb M. Khrabit



In this study we reports the preparation and characterization of ligand [L1] [2,5-bis(4-butoxy phenyl) -1,3,4- oxadiazole in four steps. First from (4-hydroxy benzoic acid) treated with solution of potassium hydroxide and normal bromo alkane (RBr) R=[(CH3(CH2)3] to prepared precursor [ H1] 4-( butyloxy) benzoic acid. The second step have been prepared the precursor [H2]4-( butyloxy) benzoate from compound [H1] in methanolic acidic solution with drops of H2SO4 . The third step prepared the precursor [H3] 4-(n-butoxy) benzo hydrazide by the reaction [H2] and hydrazine hydrate(90%). The last step reaction between precursor [H1] and [H3] in present of POCls to obtained ligand [L1]. The primary ligand [L1] was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectraFT-IR,1H-NMR,13C-NMR,Termal Gravimetric analysis (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer, Mass spectroscopy and elemental microanalysis (C-H-N) and melting point .The secondary ligand benzyl (propane-2-yl) carbamodithioate (S-bpth) was prepared according to the litreture (13). The Ag(L1) complex was prepared from 2 mole of L1 and one mole of AgNO3 in CH2Cl2 solvent at inert condition. The complexes Ni(II), Pd(II), Pt(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) were synthesized from the two mole of primary ligand(L1 ) and one mole secondary ligand (S-bpth) with one m mole of metal chloride in ethanol medium and characterized comprehensively by Fourier transform infrared spectra(FT-IR), (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer, elemental microanalysis (C.H.N) metal analysis, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer


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