Diagnostic of Water Purity by Using Solar Distiller


  • hazim hussain




In Present research ,the validity of a solar distiller which is made of two parts ( a solar tank and a solar distiller ) has been tested and distillered the water of one water- trench in Baghdad was treated using this equipment which produced pure water with an average of ( 1106 ml/m2 .h) during the day and (222 ml/m2 .h ) at night .The total water produced is thus ( 1324 ml/m2 . h ) . The laboratorial tests of the samples water before distillation showed that the stream water contained T.P.C/ 1ml =2900 ( Total Content Of Bacteria ) , T.C/100ml >1600 T.C (Total coli form) , F.C /100 ml>1600 (Fecal Coli Formand ) and E. coli /100ml>1600 . The total percentage of salt in water trench before distillation was T.D.S mg/l 1886 \ After water treatment and distillation , the Total Content of Bacteria ( T.P.C) was decreased to T.P.C / 1ml = 210 , (Total coli form) T.C /100 ml = Zero , ( Fecal Coli Formand) F.C/100ml= Zero and E.coli /100ml = Zero . In and, the total percentage of salt after distillation T.D.S was decreased to 105 mg/l . The results of this research show that water distillation using solar distiller is a successful and efficient process led to decreasing T.C.P 93.8% and killing all types of harmful T.C , F.C. and E. coli bacteria. )By analyzing the samples of sterile water using the solar distiller in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health and Environment- Central Environmental Laboratory as shown in Table (6)).


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