Optical Properies of Polystyrene Films Doped by Methyl Green Dye


  • Asrar A. Saeed Department of Physics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University




Methyl green, Polystyrene, Optical properties, Doping, and Energy gap.


Effects of methyl green (MG) dye on the optical properties of polystyrene (PS) have been studied. Pure polystyrene and MG doped PS films were prepared by using casting method. These films were characterized using UV/VIS spectrophotometer technique in order to estimate the type of electric transition which was found to be indirect transition. The value of the optical energy gap was decreased with increasing doping ratios of methyl green dye. Absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, refractive index and energy gap have been also investigated; it was found that all the above parameters affects by doping dye.


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