Hand dermatitis among patients visited the Dermatology Clinic of Al-Sadder Teaching Hospital,MisanProvince


  • hmood hassan missan medical college




hand dermatitis, Misan, atopy, building worker, house wives.


Abstract Hand dermatitis is a common dermatosis which a polymorphic inflammatory reaction pattern that involving the skin layers (epidermis and dermis). There are a lot of factors that causing hand dermatitis with clinically wide range of manifestations. Females is at increasing risk of the hand dermatitis development.. The study aim is to determine the prevalence and the important common factors that affect the hand dermatitis Patients and methods: A cross- sectional study including a total number of patients with generalized eczema in the body were 840.The number of the patients had hand eczema were 240. study was carried out during the period from 1st of January 2016 to 1st of November 2016. Results: In our study there were certain risk factors affected the patients presented with hand dermatitis were identified.. The results in study showed that(17.5%) had positive family history of hand dermatitis, (30%) had positive history of atopy and negative drug history had(77.5%). Patients with bilateral hands involvement (82.5% ) and the highest percentage in female at or older than 40years old(35.48% ).The highest percentage was among males in the (30-39 and above 40 years) age group with 44.44% for each group. Hand dermatitis more common in house wife then in building worker and nurse with married females have higher percentage 74% than non marriedones 26%. Conclusion : Hand dermatitis prevalence was higher in female patients at age of 20 to 29 years with one third of them had history of atopy, especially in house wives with excessive exposure to daily cleaning topical chemicals.


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