Modification the ELISA Kit for diagnosis of “Pseudomonas aeruginosa and comparing it with ordinary ELISA kit”


  • Taghreed A. Mohammad Department of chemistry, College of Education-Ibn AL-Haytham for Pure Science, University of Baghdad
  • Sawsan Abdul Hussain Mahdi Department of chemistry, College of Education-Ibn AL-Haytham for Pure Science, University of Baghdad



coumarine, chromene, pyrmidine.


The first aim of the present study was to diagnosis Pseudomonas  aeruginosa by many tests. This study consisted "200 patients " who suffered from burn wound and compare with 100 health individuals (male and female ) as a control group, Vitek test was used to diagnose  118 (87 "local isolate  ATCC 15692" with 31 other isolate of Pseudomonas  aeruginosa  ((ATCC 15690, ATCC 15688  )) from 200 samples which were taken from burn patients. This result was similar to Analytical profile index ( API )  test (118 isolates of  P. aeruginosa with 82 isolations of  other bacteria. Then the detection P. aeruginosa isolate  ATCC 15692 by new ELISA Technique and comparing its with modify the ordinary ELISA kit.


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