SMS Security by Elliptic Curve and Chaotic Encryption Algorithms


  • Ziadoon W. Salman Ministry of Education, Directorate of Education Rusafa-2, 10001 Baghdad, IRAQ.
  • Hind Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Mukdad College of Education, University of Diyala, 32001 Diyala, IRAQ.
  • Ayman Mohammed Enad Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.



Elliptic curve algorithm, Encryption, Decryption, Throughput, Security, Chaos theory


Short message services (SMS) represent one of the components of the global communications network and are one of the important developments in communication technologies and communications technology. SMS messages without a password are stored in the SMS server. For the purpose of review and dispute resolution. The security of SMS content cannot be protected because it is transmitted in plain text and is accessible to network operators and employees. Therefore, the end-to-end key is based on encryption and decryption technology can provide SMS security. The security protocols used for SMS security on contemporary mobile devices were examined in this study. SMS security system encryption time affects how well mobile devices work. This shows that security technologies take longer to generate keys and encrypt keys as the key size increases. Due to the limited processing power of mobile devices, large-scale algorithms such as DES, AES, RC4, and Blowfish are not suitable for SMS encryption. SMS may be encrypted using the elliptic curve technique because it provides great security with a smaller key on devices with limited resources, such as mobile phones. And chaotic theory, encryption is simple, fast and secure data encryption. As a result, a combination of elliptic curve algorithm and chaotic encryption algorithm is proposed to achieve a high level of security. In this paper, several tests have been done to compare the algorithms in terms of throughput, power consumption, SMS size, encoding time, and decoding time. The results indicate that the proposed method is better than the comparison method.



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  • Hind Ibrahim Mohammed, Al-Mukdad College of Education, University of Diyala, 32001 Diyala, IRAQ.




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Z. W. Salman, H. I. . Mohammed, and A. M. . . Enad, “SMS Security by Elliptic Curve and Chaotic Encryption Algorithms”, Al-Mustansiriyah J. Sci., vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 56–63, Sep. 2023, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v34i3.1318.

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