Best One Sided Multiplier Approximation of Unbounded Functions by Polynomials Operators


  • Raad Falih Hassan Department of Specialized Supervision, Education of Baghdad-Rusafa 2, Ministry of Education.
  • Saheb K. AL-Saidy Department of Communication, College of engineering, Uruk University.
  • Naseif J. AL-Jawari Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University



Multiplier convergence, Multiplier integral, Multiplier modulus one-sided multiplier .


The purpose of this paper is present some operators by using polynomials operators of type G_n (f,x),g_n (f,x),L_n (f) and M_n (f),  to get the degree of best one- sided multiplier approximation of unbounded functions by algebraic  polynomials in L_(p,φ_n ) (X),X=[0,1]  , by τ〖(f,δ)〗_(p,ψ_n ).


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R. F. Hassan, S. K. . AL-Saidy, and N. J. . AL-Jawari, “Best One Sided Multiplier Approximation of Unbounded Functions by Polynomials Operators”, Al-Mustansiriyah Journal of Science, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 50–55, Jun. 2022, doi: 10.23851/mjs.v33i2.1082.

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