Classification of Anemia Images Based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Asma I. Hussein, Nidaa F. Hassan


Blood cells are composed of erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells (RBCs)), the shape of RBC changes when the body suffers from different diseases such as Anemia. Classification of such diseases helps the medical technician to decide the type of Anemia in Laboratory analyzes in the hospitals. This paper proposed an automatic classification algorithm, which discriminates the different types of Anemia using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm and Decision tree. The proposed algorithm consists of four steps, at the first step preprocessing steps are applied on the RBC image, these RBC images then segmented in the second step, features are extracted using moment invariant in third step, this features are considered input to PCA so as to produced features vectors, at a final step features vector are inputted to Decision Tree to classify RBC image. Best classifications rates are (92%) obtained when using PCA algorithm compared with (74.1 %) which are obtained without applying PCA algorithm.


Anemia, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), classification, Decision tree.

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