The Relationship Between the SST of the Surface Mediterranean and the Temperature/Precipitation of Middle East Using Empirical Orthogonal Function For the Period (1980-2009)

Monim H. Khalaf


The aim of this study is to identify the variations of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of the Mediterranean Sea and the variations of air surface temperature and to total precipitation over the Middle East. In order to find the possible correlation between SST and air surface temperature at 2 m (T2m)/total precipitation (TP) by using weather prediction tool, such as the spatial analysis by employing Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF). The results show that the percentage of spatial variation of EOF1 for SST and T2m was 97% and 95% of total variance respectively, that indicate to have possible relationship between them while the spatial variance of TP record the lowest value in the period of study (1980-2009).


Middle East, Empirical Orthogonal Function, variance.

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