Ethical Principles For Medical Researches

Bioethics For Medical Researches


    1. Human Subjects

Any work involving human subjects must be carried out in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. Authors in their manuscripts must provide a statement that informed consent was obtained for all human research participants for experimentation. The privacy rights of human participants must always be protected. Ethical approval must be obtained before conducting the research for all studies. Authors must be able to provide the journal editorial office with further information upon request.

    1. Animal Studies

All animals studies are recommended to follow ARRIVE reporting guidelines (PLoS Bio 8(6), e1000412,2010) for the design, analysis, and reporting of scientific research, and authors should clearly explain such guidance have been followed in their submitted manuscripts. Sex and other characteristics of animals that may influence results must be described.

Furthermore, we recommend American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals (2020), which provide guidance on veterinary best practices for the anesthesia and euthanasia of animals.