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Vol 30, No 3 (2019) Hyperfactored of Reflection Arrangement A�(G_25 ) Abstract   PDF
Raneen sabah haraj, Rabeaa AL-Aleyawee
Vol 30, No 3 (2019) Some properties of magSome Properties of Magic Squares of Distinct Squares and Cubesic squares Abstract   PDF
amal Abdulrahman Ibrahim, Shatha A. Salman
Vol 30, No 3 (2019) Analytical Approximations for Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations Abstract   PDF
nabaa najdi hasan, Majid R. Nasif
Vol 30, No 2 (2019) On solutions of the combined KdV-nKdV equation Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Allami, A. K. Mutashar, A. S. Rashid
Vol 30, No 2 (2019) Best multiplier Approximation in L_(p,∅_n ) (B) Abstract   PDF
Saheb K. Al-Saidy, Naseif J. AL-Jawari, Ali Hussein Zaboon
Vol 30, No 2 (2019) Finite Element Method Linear Triangular Element for Solving Nanoscale InAs⁄GaAs Quantum Ring Structures Abstract   PDF
Eman Ali Hussain, Jamil A. Al-Hawasy, Lamyaa Hussein Ali
thaera najm abdulah
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) The Continuous Classical Boundary Optimal Control of a Couple Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with State Constraints Abstract   PDF
Jamil Amir Al-hawasy, Safaa J. Mohammed Al-Qaisi
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) Generalizations of The New Technique for Spectral Conjugatе Gradient Methods Abstract   PDF
Basim A. Hassan
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) On the Embedding of an Arc into Cubic Curves in a Finite Projective Plane of Order Seven Abstract   PDF
Najm A. M. Al-Seraji, Raad Ibrahim kute
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) Some Applications of Coding Theory in the Projective Plane of Order Four Abstract   PDF
Najm A. M. AL-Seraji, Hamza L. M. Ajaj
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) Harmonic functions of class of Bazilevi´c type Related to new derivative operator Abstract   PDF
Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Mushtaq S. Abdulhussain, Saba Nazar Al-khafaji
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) On Some Growth Relations of Composite Integral Functions Represented By Central Index Abstract   PDF
Aseel Hameed Abedsadaa
Vol 29, No 3 (2018): ICSSSA 2018 Conference Issue Effect of Inclined Magnetic Field on Peristaltic Flow of Carreau Fluid through Porous Medium in an Inclined Tapered Asymmetric Channel Abstract   PDF
Tamara Sh. Ahmed
Vol 29, No 2 (2018) Constructing a New Exponentiated Family Distribution with Reliability Estimation Abstract   PDF
Shurooq Ahmed Al-Sultany
Vol 29, No 2 (2018) Strongly Uniform Extending Modules Abstract   PDF
Saad Abdulkadhim Al-Saadi, darya jabar abdulkareem
Vol 29, No 2 (2018) Conic Parameterization in PG(2,25) Abstract   PDF
Emad Bakr Al-Zangana, Elaf Abdul Satar Shehab
Vol 29, No 1 (2018) The Continuous Classical Boundary Optimal Control of a Couple Linear Of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations Abstract   PDF
Jamil Amir Al-hawasy
Vol 29, No 1 (2018) Classification of Arcs in Finite Projective Plane of Order Sixteen Abstract   PDF
Najm A. Al-Seraji, Riyam A. Al-Ogali
Vol 29, No 1 (2018) A Modified Spectral Methods for Large-Scale UnconStrained Abstract   PDF
Basim A. Hassan, Haneen A. Alashoor
Vol 29, No 1 (2018) Two Versions of the Spectral Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method Abstract   PDF
Basim A. Hassan, Haneen A. Alashoor
Vol 28, No 3 (2017) A New Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Method with Guaranteed Descent for Unconstraint Optimization Abstract   PDF
Basim A. Hassan
Vol 28, No 3 (2017) Solving Composite MultiobjectiveSingle Machine Scheduling ProblemUsingBranch and Bound and Local SearchAlgorithms Abstract   PDF
Hafed Mohammed Motair
Vol 28, No 2 (2017) Comparison of Bayes Estimators for Parameter and Relia-bility Function for Inverse Rayleigh Distribution by Using Generalized Square Error Loss Function Abstract   PDF
Huda A. Rasheed
Vol 28, No 1 (2017) Some Bayes Estimators for Maxwell Distribution by Using New Loss Function Abstract   PDF
Huda A. Rasheed, Zainab N. Khalifa
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