Simulation Analyses and Investigation of the Induced Electric Field and Ar-Hg Mixture on the Gas Discharge Processes

Fatima Mohammad Hadi, Rafid Abbas Ali, Ahamed A. Al-Rubaiee


In this work, theoretical calculations and simulated data were presented to investigate the effect of the Ar: Hg mixture on electronic plasma coefficients, in addition to study the influence of the electric field and focus on electronic coefficients. The low electric field was chosen in the range (1-1000) Td, and concentrations in a limited range (0.01-0.09) mol. The results showed a clear effect of the electric field on electronic transactions, especially at low levels. These parameters values are higher for high concentrations due to the effect of the electric field on the excitation and ionization energy. In compare to elastic and inelastic collision, and cross-section collision of gas discharges. The results showed good agreement between the original data (using BOLSIG +) and the estimated data in the current work.


Boltzmann Equation; Electronic Coefficients; Gas Discharge; Elastic and Inelastic Collision; Mean Energy.

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