New Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Ceftazidime in pure and pharmaceutical dosage

Nibras Sabah Mohammed, Mohammed Jasim M. Hassan, Amer Saleh Mahdi


A new simple, rapid, inexpensive and nontoxic spectrophotometric method for the
determination of Ceftazidime in the pure and local market formulation was proposed. The
method is based on the coupling reaction between the diazotized drug and 4-tert-butylphenol
(4-TBP) to produce a colored compound with a (λ max 500 nm). The optimal conditions for the
factors affecting the formation of this compound were studied. Beer's law was obeyed and a
linear calibration curve was obtained over the range of (1–10 μg/mL) with a correlation
coefficient (r=0.9890), molar absorptivity (ε=6.62710 3 L/, the limit of detection
0.314 μg/mL, and the limit of quantification LOQ 1.047 μg/mL. the accuracy and precision of
the method were checked and the method was applied successfully for the determination of
Ceftazidime in commercial preparation and the values of recovery percent and RSD% ranged
between (93.11 - 102.20%) and (0.48 - 9.54%) respectively.


Ceftazidime, spectrophotometric

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