Calculate Energy Levels, Energy Ratios and Electric Quadrupole Transition Probability B(E2), of the Even-Even Yb-164 Isotopes Using IBM-1

Sallama Sadiq Hummadi, Omar Ahmed M. Safauldeen, Amani Abdullah kumeel, Anaam Musa Hadee, Raghdaa Hameed Honi


The nuclear structure for even-even nuclei  estimated by using interacting boson model (IBM-1). Also this program was used to determine energy levels of g- state, energy ratios and electric quadrupole transitions probability B(E2) which have been calculated. Depending on the follow up of energy ground bands (g, β, and γ) . The dynamical symmetry and energy spectrum of selected isotope are determined by B(E2). The electric quadrupole transition probability of the (2+-0+) transitions for Yb (A=164) isotopes with the dynamical symmetry SU(3)- SU(5) from rotational SU(3) to vibrational SU(5). All obtained results of the study were compared with experimental facts and acceptable agreement obtained.


Nuclear Structure, Energy Ratios, Dynamical Symmetry, Electric Quadrupole Transition Probability B(E2), Boson

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