A descriptive study of Syrian limestone and determining the optimal conditions for calcification and extinguishing

abdulrazaq hammal


In this study, a descriptive study of Syrian limestone was conducted from the area of Al-Musallamiya-Aleppo. The optimal conditions for calcination of the limestone sample were studied. The results indicated that the preferred conditions for calcination were: crashing the limestone sample of diameter 5cm, the temperature of 1200°C, and the most suitable time was 60min. The optimal conditions for extinguishing the calcined limestone sample had also been identified As follows: Liquid phase ratio to the solid phase (L / S): (3: 1), Temperature 75°C, Time 30min. As a result of the experiments, two highly important products have been obtained in various industrial fields, namely calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide from local ore, which is widely available in large parts of the Syrian Arab Republic


limestone, calcination, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23851/mjs.v30i1.584


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