Study the effect of UV radiation on the thermal conductivity of the (Epoxy – polyurethane) blend reinforced with the particulate and nano Clay

Gasak talal suhail, Faik Hammad Anter, Ziyad Shihab Al-Sarraj


This research involves using epoxy resin and polyurethane resin to form a blend (Epoxy+ Polyurethane) with different ratios (90 – 10)%, (80 – 20)%, (70 – 30)%, and (60 – 40)% to get the best ratio for impact strength as a function of materiale toughness; then reinforced with micro and nano (Clay) and with weight fraction (2%, 4%, 6%, 8%). Thermal conductivity were studied in natural condition and after exposure to UV irradiationfor(24h). Results showed that the composite (nano Clay+ blend) had better properties compared with (micro Clay+ blend) composite. Also thermal conductivity show increases with increasing the weight fraction for all samples and values in the case of UV radiation are higher than values in natural condition.

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