Biological effect of Lawsonia inermis plant

Buthaina Abdul-Hamza H. ALzubedy, Shaymaa O. M. ALhamdany, Raghad K. M. ALkazaly, Masya A. A. ALzubedy, Zenia AbdulKareem, Huda A.K. Al-Sadie, Ali Hadeb Sadoon


This study was compared the antimicrobial effectiveness of Lawsonia inermis plant extract (alcoholic, aqueous and silver nanoparticles) on the growth of different types of Gve+ bacteria and Gve- bacteria at concentration 80 mg /L. It was noted that the ( alcoholic, hot and cold water) extract have highest impact recorded in the growth of bacteria S.aurous with inhibition zone (26mm) followed by the bacteria P.aueroginosa at inhibition zone reached (22mm) and finally the yeast C. albicans at inhibition zone reached (17mm), while silver nano-particles of the plant extract the most influence on the bacteria, it gave the highest Inhibition area reached (30mm) on the growth of the S. aurous, followed by the inhibition area of P.aueroginosa reached (26mm) then Strep. pyogein (25mm), and finally the yeast C. albicans reached (18 mm). With regard to the complex (alcoholic extract and antibiotic Amoxylein) its effects has varied upon microorganisms, there is a synergistic effect on the growth of the yeast C. albicans at inhibition zone (30mm) while it has been observed inhibitory effect of this complex on the growth of p. aeroginosa with inhibition zone amounted to (15mm), but did not show any significant impact on the growth of both bacteria (K. pneumonia, E.coli Strep. Pyogein& P. aeroginosa,), while the (alcoholic extract and antibiotic Erythromycin) showed inhibitory and synergistically effect on each of the bacteria (E.coli, S. aurous, yeast C. albicans and P. aeroginosa) respectively. According to obtained results the antibiotic Erythromycin shows higher inhibitory effect than antibiotic Amoxylein. It has also been investigated the lower values of absorbance at the wavelength of 260 nm with increasing the concentration of crude alcoholic extract, this reveled the ability of henna extract in the removal of free radicals liberated from photolysis of hydrogen peroxide compound .


Biological effect, Lawsonia inermis.

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